Ragapop - Chy Liubov (Official Video)
Ragapop - Chy Liubov (Official Video) image

Ragapop - Chy Liubov (Official Video)


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Ragapop - 'Chy Liubov' from the new album 'Do you listen to Ragapop?', out now on @kontrabasspromo: https://id.ffm.to/doyoulistentoragapop
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Ruslana Khazipova (vox)
Ganna Nikitina (vox)
Anton Ocheretianyi (guitars, synths, drum machines)
Andrii Nadolskyi (drums)
Lyrics: Svitlana Pyrkalo
Recorded by Pierre Le Gac at Le Garage Hermétique in Nantes
Mixed by Pierre Le Gac and Anton Ocheretianyi at Le Garage Hermétique
Mastered by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Records in Nashville
Directed by Astkhik Hryhorian (@astkhik_hryhorian) + Ragapop
Edited by Yevgenia Danylenko-Bekker
Assisted by Olexandr Kosmach
Special thanks for Lucie Berelowitsch and Le Preau Theatre
French Booking and MGMT:
Luca Juilliard [email protected] @lucajpritchard (Instagram)
Ukrainian Booking and MGMT:
kontrabass.promo [email protected] @bazakabazaka (Instagram)
Is love a wave or a substance?
Do hormones ignite love,
or does love ignite hormones?
Can we influence our hormones?
Can we influence our love?
Can one choose to fall in love?
Does perfect love exist?
Love! Oh, love!
Did Plato love anyone?
Love! Oh, love!
Was it platonic or humane?
Platonic or humane?
Can we love our neighbor as ourselves?
How close must this neighbor be?
Can you love a stranger?
Can you love someone familiar?
Would his wife consent to this?
Should you also love his wife?
Did this lead to Sodom and Gomorrah's downfall?
Is there a difference between love
for the opposite sex and one’s own?
Why do people fret over
how others express their love?
Why cry out to God in climax?
IIs a God there? Is there none?
When will there be one?
Is love merely self-deception,
a potent human drug?
Could we bear the world’s tragedies
and monstrosities devoid of love?
Why is the wayward son loved more?
Why be dutiful,
when the wayward son receives more love?
Does love inflict pain?
Why inflict pain on someone you love?
Did Leopold von Sacher-Masoch cherish Ukraine?
Why does love of one nation
morph into hatred for others?
Is it love or overstated compensation
for insecurity?
Does inferiority stem
from a lack of love?
If Stalin’s father had adored him,
would the Gulag have existed?
Is dying for one’s homeland
a manifestation of love?
Or is living in it
a manifestation of love?
Is it better to dwell in your homeland harboring
hatred or in exile nurturing love?
Is patriotism also spurred by
the yearning to conserve and pass
on one's genetic legacy?
Is all love driven by this yearning?
Does lard impact genetic material?
Does famine impact genetic material?
How much adoration for lard
is required to offset the influence of Holodomor?
Is love mightier than death?
Is love greater than life?
Did my mother love me more
when I was learning to walk?
Could I attain happiness without her love?
Are humans capable of true happiness?