Ragapop is a side project of Ruslana Khazipova and Ganna Nikitina from Dakh Daughters, in collaboration with Anton Ocheretianyi. The band's concept was born from their shared passion for combining performing arts and music, embracing elements of post-punk aesthetics and incorporating aspects of lo-fi electronics.
Their debut EP, "Siasya," serves as a tribute to the renowned 19th-century Ukrainian poet Ivan Franko. It draws inspiration from his lesser-known lyrics and the brilliant translation of Sophocles' "Oedipus the King." The EP was recorded at the Dovzhenko Film Studios, incorporating vintage Soviet cinematic equipment such as reverberation plates and chambers. This approach aimed to utilize the studio itself as an instrument within the recording.
The band draws vital energy from the mysticism and eroticism inherent in Ukrainian culture, capturing these distinct elements regardless of the language employed in a particular song. Ragapop's recordings emanate a solid and fresh sound, attracting fans seeking a cinematic experience and raw energy during their live performances. Their initial EP received critical acclaim in Ukraine and garnered multiple nominations as one of the year's best releases. Their single 'Gordosti' was featured on KEXP Radio's Wo' Pop show by Darek Mazzone, serving as a representation of the emerging Ukrainian music scene.
Currently, Ragapop is gaining attention in Europe. They launched their debut album 'Do you listen to Ragapop?' on May 3, 2024, recorded at Le Garage Hermetique Studio in Nantes. This album is shaking the music scene with its eclectic, boundary-pushing sonic experience, bringing bold doses of performative art infused with post-punk energy, straight from the vibrant streets of Kyiv. They are performing at various festivals and clubs across Europe, while also receiving recognition from European media outlets such as TV5 Monde, Deutsche Welle, Arte, Society Magazine and Libération.