Ragapop - Bo Vzhe Toy Den Koly (Official Video)
Ragapop - Bo Vzhe Toy Den Koly (Official Video) image

Ragapop - Bo Vzhe Toy Den Koly (Official Video)


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Ragapop - 'Bo Vzhe Toy Den Koly' from the album 'Do you listen to Ragapop?' (release on May 3 on @kontrabasspromo )
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‘Bo Vzhe Toy Den Koly’ is a cover, originally written by Olexandr Stioganov and performed by ‘Vhid u Zminnomu Vzutti’
Ruslana Khazipova (vox)
Ganna Nikitina (vox)
Anton Ocheretianyi (guitars, synths, drum machines)
Andrii Nadolskyi (drums)
Recorded by Pierre Le Gac at Le Garage Hermétique in Nantes
Additional drum recording by Denis Yambor at Zvukoceh in Kyiv
Mixed by Pierre Le Gac and Anton Ocheretianyi at Le Garage Hermétique
Mastered by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Records in Nashville
Director and editor: Eugene Gorun (@eugenegorun )
Camera: Eugene Gorun, Taras Fedorenko (https://linktr.ee/society_masaity), Dima Hzybovetskyi (@Dimazhabchic )
Contains live footages from:
The Most Fest in Kostiantynivka (@themostfest175 )
Gogolfest in Mariupol (@gogolfest )
Gogolfest in Dnipro
Lesia Kvartyrynka in Kyiv (@LesyaKva )
French Booking and MGMT:
Luca Juilliard [email protected] @lucajpritchard (Instagram)
Ukrainian Booking and MGMT:
kontrabass.promo [email protected] @bazakabazaka (Instagram)